Quite recently, Bratislava was enriched by a series of statues, built seemingly without any concept. Their appearance put a fresh air into the otherwise stale city center.

Cumil is one of the funniest statues around. He stares and laught at everybody from a pothole.
Napoleon simply leans on a bench, only a few fee away from a wall there cannon balls that his army shot at Bratislava are still stuck in the wall. This bench became a very popular place for taking pictures.
Schöne Nazi is a legendary figue in Bratislava. Always courteous, always a gentleman, he was a welcome signt to everybody who went to the old town.
The Paparazi is a good example of how local companies participate at the center beautification. He leans against a corner of a building, where a new restaurant, The Paparazi, has just opened.
The Mailbox #1 is one of the newest additions. The mailbox is actually functional...

© Jozef Purdes, 2002