I have been living in New Jersey for a long time, but only recently I realized that I knew very little about the state. Living in a close proximity of New York City, I concentrated on exploring the concrete jungle of Manhattan and ignored the green forests of the Garden State. I decided to switch my priorities and found beautiful forests, challenging hikes and great scenic views.

     On this site, I would like you to introduce to hiking in New Jersey. You will find here well known, but also lesser-known locations. Each location consists of a short description and some hiking tips. In addition, you will find a few pictures I have taken at each location, as well as links to other sites describing the particular location.

     For beginning hikers or those who want to learn something new, I have prepared two other sections: basics, which describe trail markings and give you tips on equipment and clothing, and essays where I write about some issues I deem important, such as which trail to chose or what kind of walking stick (if any) to get.

Unfortunately, I have recently moved away from New Jersey, and I will no longer be able to update the site with new hikes. I'll try to keep up with the e-mails I'm getting, but even though it tears me apart every time I visit New Jersey, I won't be able to hike there anytime soon.

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any damages caused by following the advice presented at this site.